Printer Safety Warning. Please Help


What is the problem?
Suddenly I get "Printer Safety Warning"
Although I run Marlin 1.1.9 on Ramps 1.4
Cura 3.5
OctoPrint Latest

What did you already try to solve it?
Checked in Marlin
//#define THERMAL_PROTECTION_BED (not, because no heated bed

from Octoprint Marlin EEPROM Editor: I get
THERMAL_PROTECTION:0 ( I don't know If this should be 0 or 1)

Could it be that Ocotoprint looks for THERMAL_PROTECTION:0 and Marlin 1.1.9 defines THERMAL_PROTECTION_BED

I worked OK until now...

Fred Boliau


No one same problem or interested ??
Or am I doing something wrong.



Hi @efbe!

There is an very informative article by Tom3D


Hello Ewald,
Thanks for the response, but the problem is that I run Marlin 1.1.9 and in Marlin via Arduino in Configuration.h
I had no issues with this before

  1. This appears to be the formal thread for discussing it with foosel. Posting there might get her attention faster.
  2. The underlying builtin plugin is here and the specific file itself looks to me like it runs an M115 ("identify yourself, printer") and then uses regex to flag for known problematic printers.
  3. You haven't mentioned your printer manufacturer/model, btw and this is usually the focus of the discussion about why the check is failing
# Anet A8
ANETA8_M115_TEST = lambda name, data: name and name.lower().startswith("anet_a8_")

# Anycubic MEGA
ANYCUBIC_AUTHOR1 = "| Author: (Jolly, xxxxxxxx.CO.)".lower()
ANYCUBIC_AUTHOR2 = "| Author: (**Jolly, xxxxxxxx.CO.**)".lower()
ANYCUBIC_RECEIVED_TEST = lambda line: line and (ANYCUBIC_AUTHOR1 in line.lower() or ANYCUBIC_AUTHOR2 in line.lower())

# Creality CR-10s
CR10S_AUTHOR = " | Author: (CR-10Slanguage)".lower()
CR10S_RECEIVED_TEST = lambda line: line and CR10S_AUTHOR in line.lower()

# Malyan M200 aka Monoprice Select Mini
MALYANM200_M115_TEST = lambda name, data: name and name.lower().startswith("malyan") and data.get("MODEL") == "M200"

# Any Repetier versions < 0.92
REPETIER_BEFORE_092_M115_TEST = lambda name, data: name and name.lower().startswith("repetier") and extract_repetier_version(name) is not None and extract_repetier_version(name) < get_comparable_version("0.92")

# THERMAL_PROTECTION capability reported as disabled
THERMAL_PROTECTION_CAP_TEST = lambda cap, enabled: cap == "THERMAL_PROTECTION" and not enabled