Printer stuttering - how do I figure out which plugin?


I'm fairly new to Octoprint, but ran it for about a week on a windows machine while trying to locate in-stock Pi's and then waiting for my raspberry pi 3b to arrive.

When my Pi got here, I went a little crazy installing plugins, sometimes even downloading more than 1 that served the same function without realizing it.

First symptom was octoprint taking about 2 minutes to boot up, and my browser client taking about 30 seconds to refresh.

Running in safe mode I got back my performance, so I disabled a bunch of plugins that were redundant or that I realized I didn't need, but the Pi still wasn't as snappy as I would like.

More recently, on an overnight print last night and a shorter print today, I noticed that the printer was stopping frequently, and the final print came out with blobs all over the surface similar to the ones you get on a z-level change, but randomly throughout the print (I confirmed that my slicer - Cura - was not set to "randomize z-seam")

I ran in safe mode and used the ArcWelder output file for the short print, I confirmed that the printer performance and quality issues were plugin related.

The question is - is there a way to figure out which plugin is causing a problem without having to switch them on and print with them one-by-one?

Also, one of the plugins (I think it is called Resource Monitor) doesn't show anything that would say the system is taxed, except maybe the network connection, but I am wondering if I would I see a significant performance increase with the RPi4. I wouldn't mind springing for one, even the 8gb model at anything close to "normal" pricing if it will allow me to run a lot of the plugins I've started to like, but I refuse to reward the scalpers. Or maybe I would see a performance boost hardwiring into the network, but I'd rather keep it on WiFi if possible to avoid cables crossing the room. (1.8 MB)

WOW! You have installed almost every plugin that is on the planet: 96 in all
Even the most are disabled, you may delete those you really do not use at all.

To find the culprit:

Disable the first half of the 3rd party plugins you need. If it runs fine, than the culprit is in that section. If not, in the other one.

Then do the same again with the "faulty" section until you find the issue plugin.

You don't have to restart OctoPrint after every dis-/enabling of a plugin. You can do it in a bunch.

I'm going to be trying a hardwired network on a Pi 4 this week to see if it fixes my similar issues.

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Keep me posted.

Instead of the "Manual Binary Search" that Eswald recommended, I just disabled almost all of the plugins and kept it that way for a couple weeks. Recently I started turning some on one-by-one but now I've flashed Klipper so I'm assuming I've left the reservation and who knows if I'll ever find out which was the culprit.

It may have just been Marlin(assuming that's what you were using)? :thinking: