PrinterView - my modiciations


Hi all!

First, big thank you to @foosel and contributors for amazing OctoPrint. It has significantly improved my workflows! I found PrinterView, but had very specific needs for myself so took on to improve it.

It's focussed on manufacturing same parts and allows me to control all printers in one place. Lot's of bug fixes, and improved looks with minimalistic approach to display only relevant information. I can glance at the printers and see how far they are from finishing prints.

The open folder button let's me open OctoPrint UI on the same page, make changes and go back to the full list.

There are a lot more features like import/export of settings if you will be using PrinterView on multiple computers and others. More details, source code and instructions can be found on Github:

You can use my hosted version or set up your own very easily:

Hope someone will find it useful!