Printing Events


I'm developing a new plugin but I have some questions about the printing events that are explained in the documentation. As I can see there, only the PrintCancelling event will be available in version >= 1.4.0.
For my plugin I need most of the printing events to be fired for sending feedback to my private server.
So if they disappear in the future, what alternatives I have for implementing my plugin and be compatible with future versions?


Huh? They aren't going to disappear. I could imagine that some merge commit screwed up the generated documentation for 1.4.0 aka the devel branch though :sweat_smile:


Just took a look and understand now what happened - that "will be removed" stuff relates to the payload fields marked as deprecated and should have been indented a bit more towards the right. Sorry for the confusion.


Ok! Thank you! I'm pleased that it was only a confusion :grin: