Printjob Report

Hello, I've been using Octoprint for a long time and I'm super happy with it. Since I print a lot for friends, I am looking for a plugin with which I can generate and print out a kind of print report. At the moment I'm doing this using an Excel sheet and importing the PrintJobHistory CSV. Is there a suitable plugin or a more elegant solution? A summary, printing time, from - to, object (possibly also as a picture), material, consumption ...... would be important.

thank you for your help


hmm..what do mean with "elegant solution"?

A simple printable-report (for an e.g. laser-printer) is maybe a nice idea and can be included into the plugin.
I think you should raise a request in the plugin issue-tracker:

Regarding complex reporting/statistics I already answered this here: Statistic for PrintJobHistory · Issue #151 · OllisGit/OctoPrint-PrintJobHistory · GitHub

Yes, that's exactly what I mean by elegant solution, which you can possibly print a report with the data provided in A4 format directly via the plug-in.

I will make a post on this.

fyi: feature is now tracker here:

Hello, thank you. Attached is a screenshot of my Excel document that I have used to create the reports so far, I think it better shows what I mean by that. However, everything is in German;)
It was the first draft, so the curves and sources are still missing.