PrintTimeGenious versus -- big difference

I'm wanting to do a long print, but maybe it's too long.

Cura and an online tools at say it will be about three days (73 hours). But the PrintTimeGenious says (after 6 hours), I have 217 hours left. That's over 9 days, and I don't want to spend that much time printing it.

Which should I believe?

I just start using this plug-in. On the other, relatively short prints, there was a gold start next to the remaining time. But, now there's a green dot and I can't find anything that tells what that is. Hover help sayssomething like "based on calculated estimate (best accuracy)".

Looking at the file under the settings->plugin manager, I see what might be an hourglass next to the gcode file being printed. Maybe that just means the print is in progress? Or (I'm hoping), maybe the gcode analysis is still in progress and not accurate yet?

Should I believe it's going to take 9 days to complete the print? Can I do something with the file with another tool to sanity check?

I didn't have the option enabled to analyze while the print was in progress. I enabled that, and finally the green dot turned to a gold star.

Estimated time left is 76 hours. Still, a very long time, but reasonably close to the and cura estimates.