PrintTimeGenius Plugin - Progress Bar Error


Hello everyone!

I have a slightly problem with the PrintTimeGenius Plugin. I have the problem that the progress bar shows a wrong perentage of completion. For instance it shows that my printer should already have 46% finished but my printer and also a bot I'm using to get the actual status of my printer are saying that just 38% are completed. So now I'm wondering why that happens and I don't have any answer for it. Also screening the webpage of the plugin didn't help me a lot.


Maybe someone can help me out with this.

Kind regards


When two doctors give you two different diagnoses, as they say "get a third opinion". I think I would use Postman to query the realtime job status using the REST API.

It's entirely possible that your bot is wrong and PrintTimeGenius is correct.


That's actually a really interesting answer. I guess that I'll write a couple of lines of code into Postman and see what's correct. Thank you very much for your help!



Already got it like that :smile: Thanks anyway!


So I tested it now a couple of times for different prints. The feedback I get from Postman is the same on my printer and the same what my bot tells me. So I assume that there must be something going wrong with the PrintTimeGenius plugin.


Good job. It's probably a good idea now to check in with the plugin author on his repository and identify what you've seen and how you troubleshot it to this point.