Probe Points no longer showing in Printer Notifications

I recently upgraded my Octoprint software to 1.6.1 and noticed that when my BLTouch goes through its Probe Points the Printer Notifications window no longer displays the Probes count (i.e. 1/25, 2/25,/3/25, etc).

Is this something the new release eliminated?

I think this could be the Marlin 2.0.8 update? Have you done that one recently? I don't think I remember seeing my probe points in that panel.

The printer notifications plugin only reports what the printer tells it, nothing more nothing less. So you would have to enable & upload serial.log for us to check if the printer is sending them at all. My guess is that it is not.

Everything is always in the release notes. If in doubt, read the release notes. I get my information from there, so you can do that too:

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the response. Actually, I recently switched my firmware from Smith3D 2.0.x to Jyers 1.3.2. Smith3D stopped producing their Marlin firmware and is telling people to move to Jyers.

I just downloaded the Smith3D source code that I was using and compared it to the Jyers source code. Everything is pretty much the same. I couldn't find anything different that would produce the probe messages in the Octoprint Printer Notifications.

I will keep looking to see what it could be.