Problems with Bed Visualizer on MK3s with SKR and UBL

This is my first post here so hopefully I am in the right section. Recently I upgraded my Prusa Mk3s to SKR1.4 with pre-compiled Marlin firmware and UBL enabled. Overall I am happy with the upgrade however I've been using Octoprint with my pursa since the first day I received the printer and had gotten very used to using the Prusa Mesh Leveling Plugin which worked great. My bed was a bit off from the factory so I went with the nylock mod but quickly discovered the bed rattled so I then tried a different mod that use high temp silicone tubing and it worked great. I used the Prusa Leveling plugin to get the bed almost perfect and after upgrading to the SKR I noticed the bed was out of alignment. Now that I am on Marlin firmware I searched and found the Bed Visualizer plugin and early on had some issues but reached out to the creator who was very kind to help me the plugin working. So now I have UBL configured but the right side of my bed is too high however I am getting these very odd high spots in the middle that I know aren't there:

Also each time I tighten the screws on the right side of the bed, I am not seeing the mesh update as it should so not sure how I can proceed to get the bed straight (I'd post more pics but since I am new it will only allow 1 pic)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

How do you generate your ubl mesh?

You may need to fiddle with the plugin's settings to get the visualization to match your physical bed orientation, rotation/flipping, etc. It's a lot of trial and error.