Prusa MK2.5S and estimated remaining time

Hi guys,

I'm seeing these messages on my octoprint terminal coming from my Prusa MK2.5:

Send: M27
Recv: lid_fan_cover_style_2.gcode
Recv: SD printing byte 2428818/3200808
Recv: 01:33
Recv: ok
Recv: NORMAL MODE: Percent done: 64; print time remaining in mins: 52
Recv: SILENT MODE: Percent done: 64; print time remaining in mins: 50
Send: M27

Is there a way to use all that information to replace the file name and estimated time remaining in Octoprint? Prusa's latest Slicer is estimating print time down to less than a minute, very accurate. Maybe someone already created a plugin for this?

And before you point me to M73 ETA Override plugin I should say that I need this for printing from SD card and NOT from Octoprint. The above plugin reads the same data but from the gcode, not from the terminal messages.

When you print from SD card, how could OctoPrint could change the filename there?

It can simply take the terminal output and parse the filename from this line:

Recv: lid_fan_cover_style_2.gcode

Right now we see only 8 character limited filename in octoprint.

Same parse could replace the remaining time.

Maybe it's possible.
But why do you want to print from SD card when OctoPrint is a versatile print server?

I personally think printing from USB is very unsafe and the quality of the prints printed from USB is lower. I always print from SD and never have any issues. Using Octoprint for monitoring is the best for me.

Sounds as you never tried...

So I never had issues with printing from OctoPrint via USB.
If you have a solid performing hardware there is no problem at all.
Sure about the quality (there have been discussion here too), but in the end it depends on the qualilty requirements you and/or the models have.
Printing from OctoPrint is way more convenient than from SD card: No card swapping, instant transfer from the slicer to OctoPrint. Lots of supporting plugins that can't be used with printing from SD card.

Somebody actually did it, here we go: