Prusa MK3 Stealth Mode Observation

Interesting discovery, I started a longer print job and found out (too late for cancelling and starting again) that I had left the printer in stealth mode.
I changed it to normal in the LCD menu Tune - Mode but even though the screen says it is in normal mode, it carries on in stealth mode.

Perhaps something to look into in a future version?

Sounds like a Prusa thing but they suggest that you can do this.


These modes can be switched depending on the situation:

  1. When idle LCD Menu - Settings - [Normal / Stealth mode]
  2. During a print LCD Menu - Tune - [Normal / Stealth mode]

Thanks for the suggestion, I did see that.
I did state that in my original post that I had already tried it and it didn't work.

This is really something you need to take up with Prusa. It's the firmware that controls that stuff, and I'm not even aware of any kind of commands on the serial interface to influence that behaviour.

I know this is somewhat off-topic, but I have been noticing that with Stealth Mode and built-in Timelapse(set to layer change)… the file is corrupt and cannot be played. But in Normal Mode, the files are perfectly fine.