Prusa slicer plugin for Octoprint


I currently run a university makerspace with 12 Prusa MK3’s that are controlled through 12 instances of Octoprint, each on a separate Raspberry Pi. We’ve been using the CuraEngineLegacy plugin for several years, and it has worked great. The main advantage is that our users, many of whom are totally new to 3D printing, don’t have to have a slicer installed on their computer; they just need a web browser to slice and print.

CuraEngineLegacy only supports an old version of Cura. My understanding is that moving to a new version of Cura would be kind of difficult.

Is it reasonable to think about a plugin like CuraEngineLegacy, but which supports PrusaSlicer instead? Does anything like that exist? Maybe that’s sort of possible with GitHub - OctoPrint/OctoPrint-Slic3r: Slic3r plugin for slicing within OctoPrint ?

I’d love any guidance anyone can give me.

I think using PrusaSlicer compiled/installed on the Pi will work with that Slic3r plugin you mention. At least, I've seen mention of it before.

It's even documented in the readme here.

If you just need a web browser to slice prints, you could try the Gridspace/kiri:moto slicer - it runs in the browser completely:

I have never tried it - I suspect PrusaSlicer will get better slices because it has much larger development backing, but it may be harder to use through OctoPrint. Generally, slicing in OctoPrint is not used very much so nobody has done any development work for it.

These are interesting possibilities. Thanks @jneilliii and @Charlie_Powell.

I think I might be confused about something. The tab labeled “Slicer” in this screenshot— is that part of Octoprint, or is that from the CuraEngineLegacy plugin?

I think that's actually from the Slic3r plugin, not CuraLegacy.

I think that's the "full featured slicer"...

Ah, that makes so much more sense.

So what I think I want to try is making Prusa slicer work with the Full-featured Slicer. It seems like it should be possible, since the FFS works with the Slic3r plugin, and the Slic3r plugin can use the Prusa slicer, I think.

Thanks for the guidance.