PSU Control (1.0.6)

I have installed the plugin PSU Control (1.0.6) plus the extension PSU Control - RPi.GPIO (1.0.4). I set the appropriate Gpio port (18) and the relay goes to NO (normally open) state. The printer shuts down. Everything is OK here.
When I try to turn on the printer again by pressing on the lightning button, it does not react, it does nothing, there is no way to switch the port to a low state and put the relay in standby NC (normally closed).

Any idea what is happening?
Is it still possible to use this pugin in OctoPrint: 1.6.1?

What sensing method are you using under the PSU Control settings ?

What @SwHawk said but to add on to that is there a particular reason for using RPi.GPIO?

Because people don't realize that out of the box without any sub-plugins it works with GPIO and see the subplugin and think "Oh, I'm using GPIO so I need this sub-plugin".


The latest version of psu control (1.0.6) does not include support for gpio, just read the message that appears when you install it.
To be able to use psu with a relay through gpio you need to install the plugin PSU Control - RPi.GPIO and put psu control in plugin mode.

Pd the problem comes with the relay that I am using, it seems that it is in bad condition, the coils remain charged and it does not respond to low states. I will continue to report.

I could see where a message that RPi.GPIO is no longer included being a confusing message, my understanding is that you don't need that anymore, and the only reason that you may have gotten that message was for users that had the older version pre-installed that used that by default. It's not necessary and GPIO control exists out of the box without a sub-plugin.

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