PSU Control and M600

I have implemented PSU control so that it sends (via external command) a 433MHz code to toggle an RF-controlled power-socket and then senses via USB-connection whether the printer is ON. This works pretty well.

But, I'm now trying to get a filament sensor attached to the printer's main board to have Marlin execute M600 and signal "paused" to OctoPrint (and after filament change "resumed") so that it too pauses. Whether or not that works is another topic, but while thinking about that, I was wondering what PSU Control will do when the printer would remain in paused state for a longer period than the "Idle Timeout" set in PSU Control.

Will PSU Control turn off the power? That would be pretty bad in this case as the z position might then change, but I guess for PSU Control such a long time in paused state (especially if Marlin turns off the heater on M600 until filament is being reinserted and confirmed) would fit the criteria for powering off ... So, does anyone have a way to tackle this or is my understanding wrong?


Let me answer my own question with a quote from the PSU Control code:

    def _idle_poweroff(self):
        if not self.powerOffWhenIdle:
        if self._waitForHeaters:
        if self._printer.is_printing() or self._printer.is_paused():

So, those final lines seem to answer my question: if the printer is paused, power will not be turned off. So, no problem there ...