PSU Control autopower off sees bed level as 'idle'

I have a relay controlled by octoprint and using plugin PSU Control to shut off the main board on the printer.

I want to set a fairly short idle time (2mins), with the temperature cool down set to 50°C. However, if I do, when I bed level (using bed level visualiser) the PSU Control shuts down the printer 2 mins into the bed level. So it is not detecting the "echo:processing", and thinks the printer is "idle".

Is this the intended behaviour, and I just have to set a longer idle time - or does it sound like I have setup something wrong?

I don't think it accounts for busy timers right now. Open a ticket on the repo.

To get around it I would use a longer idle time. What are you shutting off?

would M75/M77 help you think if they added those to the beginning/end of the configured gcode commands to make the printer think it's printing a file?

Ok, will open a ticket.

I will also try M75/M77 - it might be how it works but I thought it was just looking for sent Gcodes in the terminal and if is hasn't seen one that this not in the exclusion list in the desired period it shutdown.