PSU Control - Command not getting through

Hi all,

I have an ender 3 v2 using a raspi zero 2 connected over micro usb.
Is it possible to power it on or off only using the micro usb and using gcode? Currently, it does not work that way. Maybe I'm missing some setting.

Thanks in advance!

it - is that the printer or the Pi?

You always have to use a power switching device.
Printers, an Ender in this case, do not have a standby feature so that they can be woken up or shutdown by a (gcode) command.

For the Pi: You always have to shut down by the shutdown feature inside OctoPrint.


It meaning the ender 3 v2, not planning of switching of the pi.

Allright. So that gcode command would be used on a printer which has a standby printer?

I have a sonoff plug lying around. Willl use that one.

What gcode command are you speaking of?

But documentation also says this :wink:
A PS_ON_PIN is also required. Check your board’s pins file for the default.

M80/M81 are meant to switch an ATX PSU on or of.

More on this here:

The Ender 3 does not come with a controllable power supply out of the box. So you will need to use another option, such as a smart plug. There's lots of different options:

I have the same issue with E3v2 (RPi4) + PSU Control.

Looks like the Idle state never occurs and the printer is always Operational (flawless connection :star_struck:), so obviously there's no "trigger" to execute the shutting off command.

I've checked the logs, tried different setups, but no errors and everything is working as intended. All states are displayed accordingly (printing, finished, offline, etc), except "Idle".

If you have the same issue then the problem has already been answered by @Charlie_Powell. Otherwise open a new thread.

Regardless the setup/ hardware/ plugin, there are other threads on this matter, and it simply looks like the issue is strictly related to Ender 3 V2 state - it never goes through Idle.

Which is nothing to do with the topic in this thread.