PSU Control - Dropping RPi.GPIO

PSU Control will be switching from RPi.GPIO to Python-Periphery for GPIO. Along with that comes support for sub-plugins which allows RPi.GPIO to be installed via PSUControl - RPi.GPIO.

Looking for testers regardless if you are using GPIO functionality. For those that are using GPIO I'm looking to both have the core version tested as well as the sub-plugin which brings legacy RPi.GPIO back.

ZIP Links:


I use the plugin with a GPIO controlled relay so I'll give it a try!


Also using the plugin with a GPIO relay, still works after the update but the lightning bolt button doesn't work anymore.



If could provide logs that would help.

I cant get pass the Setup Wizard, after update. The Finish button is not working.

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I have updated the plugin and installed the RPi GPIO plugin, now neither work and i cant turn on my printer!
I am using a Big Tree Tech SKR 1.4 and controlling the power externally so when the power is off only the Raspberry Pi running octoprint is running (ATX power supply)
It was working fine until the latest upgrade and with the lightning icon not working I am not able to turn the power on to the SKR...

I have had to use GPIO control plugin just to get the system powered up, but it doesnt have the nice features PSU control has for this task (auto connect, auto shutdown etc)

Little confusing to get setup the new way, but I seem to have it working as it was before. I dont have anything to print right now, but its turning on and off as it should and sensing the state correctly.

I have just tested, was unable to use the new library, but it did work after installing and configuring the RPi.GPIO plugin.

The related lines from the log:
2021-04-16 16:39:47,007 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - Polling PSU state...
2021-04-16 16:39:47,007 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - isPSUOn: False
2021-04-16 16:39:48,220 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - INFO - Switching PSU On
2021-04-16 16:39:48,221 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - Switching PSU On Using GPIO: 14
2021-04-16 16:39:48,221 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - ERROR - Invalid value type, should be bool.
2021-04-16 16:39:52,011 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - Polling PSU state...
2021-04-16 16:39:52,012 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - isPSUOn: False

Should be fixed via:

I could not get the new one to work (V1.0.0), so i re-installed the old one (V0.1.11)

For any one that does not have the time to be a beta tester, and just clicked the update button thinking it was stable.
I used the mobil app to reboot in to safe mode, uninstall the new one, then installed the old one.

Pluggin Manager- Get More..- scroll down and paste in the ...from URL box- Install.

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Why would you do an update if you don't have time troubleshoot any potential issues? Either way I asked for testers, got no feedback, and have been using this code-base for a few months now. Not going to wait forever.

When i get a popup for a update, and i have not check any boxes for nighly builds, i kinda expected it to be stable and already tested. I have learned, will not do it next time i am in a hurry to print some thing:)

Her is my log, could not get pass the Setup Wizard window.

Since I can't reproduce it I can only work on the feedback from users. I made a test build

Test build can be found at After latest upgrade can't get rid of setup wizard Β· Issue #181 Β· kantlivelong/OctoPrint-PSUControl Β· GitHub

Confirmed to be working :+1:

I'm seeing reports that disabling spool manager allows the wizard to continue.

@F-K-87 noticed you have it installed.

@OllisGit Just a heads up.

While I am not opposed to troubleshooting issues that may arise from plugins, I have all plugins that have the ability to set release channels set to stable, specifically so that I can be reasonably assured that they at least maintain basic functionality. It might be worth looking into setting up release channels so that a possibly breaking change like this can be released without a system-wide update notification being triggered, making people think that it's stable when it is not.

I am using a raspberry pi 3b+ with a relay controlling power to the printer. I had my GPIO pin set as Pin 11 (Board Configuration). I updated and had the wizard pop up. OK, no big deal, I switched the pin setting to Pin 17 (BCM Configuration). As soon as I saved the configuration, the relay flipped and the machine turned on. I have no control over the relay now, and the power icon no longer works. The only way I have found to get the machine to turn off now, is to change the pin setting in octoprint back to 11. I will gather logs and get them posted here shortly.

To be fair, attempts were made to get people to test the plugin repeatedly - this post is 12 days old. Few/no issues were reported. It was intended to be stable, nothing is perfect. Hey, would you look at how windows updates tend to go...

The setup wizard issue, the main most annoying one is believed to be caused by a conflict with another plugin, Spool manager.

The second issue reported here, with the icon:

Has since been fixed within a few hours of it being reported.

It's all very well and good expecting things to be pre-tested for you, but if everyone thinks that then no one will ever test it.

I get that, and had I known that there was a need to test a new potential release, I probably would have jumped on it. I never saw an announcement or request anywhere, and I only ended up here after googling a solution to the plugin issues I described. I guess that's where I feel like a release channel setup would come in handy for something like this.

I followed the link to the github page and looked at the issues right after posting above. I found the issue that you linked and saw that it was resolved quickly. Version 1.10 has not yet been pushed, and where I just updated, I incorrectly assumed that I was up to date. I verified that I only updated to version 1.0. After downloading the zip file and installing it, I verified that the fix is working as expected. Thanks to @kantlivelong for fixing issues so quickly and for the plugin in the first place.

So I've confirmed an issue w/ Spool Manager. Any wizard will break right now.

Opened an issue and will see if I can find the cause:

In the mean time I've released version 1.0.1 which fixes the built-in periphery GPIO issues and an issue with the sensing (check_psu_state) loop.

See the version notes in the link for info.