PSU Control isn't working

Hi, I just downloaded the PSU Control but it doesn't work. There was a notif that the gpio setting was removed. But what happens is as follows: I start up the pi and it will turn off the relay for a second or two. Then Octopi boots up and i go to the webpage to look at it. When I click on the lightning icon for the PSU Control othing happens. Anyone know what the problem is?

You need to give us a bit more information :slight_smile:

What are your settings? Which gpio and which pin are you using (just to make sure the gpio matches the pin)?

I didn't change the settings of the plugin and the pins that I'm using are 4, 6 & 8.


It doesn't go by pin #. It goes by BCM pin #
On the plugin homepage, it is explained and if I remember properly, there is a link to the pin numbering.

So, yeah. I found that in the settings there is a dropdown menu in which you are still able to select gpio pins. It works fine now. Guess I didn't search hard enough...

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