PSU Control scripts not working

Hi there.

I am trying to run the following script ""

if grep -q 0 power_status; then
        echo on
#       /home/pi/uhubctl/./uhubctl -a on -l 1-1 > /dev/null
        gpio write 8 1
        sed -i "1s/.*/1/" /home/pi/power_status
        echo off
#       /home/pi/uhubctl/./uhubctl -a off -l 1-1 > /dev/null
        gpio write 8 0
        sed -i "1s/.*/0/" /home/pi/power_status

Inside PSU Control I have chosen "System Command". In On and Off system command I have written "/home/pi/". I have made the file executable with chmod +x.

I can't make the PSU Control plugin run the script?

Maybe any of you have an idea of what's is going wrong?