PSU Control - Smart Plug - Turn on when print job received?

Hey there.

I recently installed the PSU control plugin and got it working with a smart plug I already had. I am able to turn the printer on and off with the button in the top nav bar. I set the correct timeout so that when the printer is turned on, it connects automatically 15 seconds later. I have it set to turn off after 30 minutes after a print is done, and disconnects gracefully. I leave the raspberry pi on all the time.

I was assuming I could send a print job from Cura, and it would turn my printer on, wait the 15 seconds I had set, connect, then start the print job that's been requested.

HOWEVER, it seems that if I try that now, OctoPrint receives the gcode but basically just waits/bails because it's not connected to a printer. It seems obvious to me that it should now turn on my printer - but I guess that's not the case? How is it supposed to read a "power on" gcode command in my file if it's not parsing the gcode because a printer's not connected?

The OctoPrint Connection plugin in Cura has options for automatically controlling the power for you on upload. Check out the settings in that plugin inside Cura > Printer Management > Connect OctoPrint or something like that. Check the box to automatically turn on.

Found it. Thanks! I didn't remember seeing that when I first set up the plugin. Maybe I glossed over it since I didn't have PSU Control installed yet. I'll give this a try ASAP.

Still, seems like there should be an option in PSU Control for "power on if a serial communication attempt fails and the power is reported as OFF", or something like that. More universal than requiring a setting on the slicer side.

IIRC I think there is an on with upload option in the plugin settings.