PSU Control v1.0.2 - Comms problems

Updated to 1.0.2 today, comms to Prusa 3S kept dropping, disabled and now all OK

We need an octoprint.log with octoprint.plugins.psucontrol set to DEBUG

Details on how to capture logs can be found at:

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Log from today, initially with PSU Control 1.0.2 enabled, comms fail at 2021-04-20 17:18:56,866. Disabled PSU Control, restarted Octoprint, then all fine. Log here: octoprint.log (82.8 KB)

This consistently reproduceable.

Debug logging doesn't appear to be enabled for the log. Try 1.0.3 which released yesterday but be sure to enable debug logging PRIOR to upgrading. If there is still an issue then submit those debug logs.

That was a DEBUG log according to Octoprint.

In middle of print at the mo, I'll try 1.0.3 tomorrow.

That was a DEBUG log according to Octoprint.

The instructions @PrintedWeezl linked explain exactly what to do.