PSU Control wait for BED temperature?

I have a glass bed that keeps a death grip on prints until it drops to about 35°C. I use PSU control to turn on/off a large fan to help cool down the bed. I turn on the fan by adding M80 to my end gcode and use the idle timeout to turn it off. I ran through the process multiple times and timed how long it took for the bed to cool down so I could figure out a good setting for my idle timeout. The problem is, for some reason, the amount of time the bed took to cool varied widely so I'm looking for another solution. The wait for temperature feature would be perfect, but my hotend cools down much faster than my bed,

Would I be able to change one of the variables in the plugins code to have it monitor the Beds temperature instead of the hotends? If so which variable needs to change and what does it need to change to? THANKS!!

If you are running Marlin or Prusa, try M190.

Snnn minimum target temperature, waits until heating
Rnnn accurate target temperature, waits until heating and cooling (Marlin and Prusa)

You might have better luck asking the plugin author directly by opening an issue on the plugin's Homepage.