[PSU-Control] want to improve wiki with tasmota shell command

Hi there. I want to contribute a bit to the PSU-Control by adding my solution to the "scripts" part of the Wiki (https://github.com/kantlivelong/OctoPrint-PSUControl/wiki/Scripts ) but I cannot find a way to do that on Github alone, so I try to reach out here.

I have written this:


If you have tasmota that can turn your PSU device on/off (some kind of smart plug), you don't actually need a script.

Let's explain my URL:

change to the IP of your tasmota device

change Power1 to the channel of that device. regular plugs have just one power that is named power, my device has 3 outlets and they are named power1-3. see tasmota wiki on commands for details.

Now to the setup:

  1. Navigate to OctoPrint -> Settings -> PSU Control

  2. Set Switching to System Command

  3. Set On System Command to:

wget -q

  1. Set Off System Command to:

wget -q    

  1. Set Sensing Method to System Command

  2. Set Sensing System Command to:

wget '' -q -O - | jq -r '.POWER1' | awk '/OFF/{++cnt} END {exit cnt}'

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BTW my OctoPrint-Tasmota plugin can handle all this for you as well directly with all the same features of PSU Control.

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