[PSU control] with radio switch, do I get it right?


Hi everyone!
I didn't want to cut any cables and don't know much about electricity to implement relay modules and such. So I searched for a way to switch my printer on and off without electrical work. Also I wanted to shut the printer down after finishing a print in the middle of the night, so that it doesn't stay on until I wake up.
I found the plugin PSU Control and a blog post about controlling the power with system commands, a 433Mhz module and a radio controlled powerswitch. It works via putty, but I also want it to shut down after the idle time in the night.
Did I think about it right?

This is my config in the plugin. The documentation does not answer my questions and is not much.

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work,


Replace the path to the exec with the absolute path. That should do it.


Since the sudo didn't work, I did it without it and the command worked. Good workaround for the timeout :slight_smile:
I didn't understand your answer :innocent: But maybe that was what you meant?