Psu Controll and temperature Failsafe


Hello to everyone,
i have installed octopi in a raspberry 3 b+ and it function very well.... thank you to all that work in the project.
After that i have used the gpio pin40 to control a smal aruino relay board (to power on and off the printer psu that is not ATX).... and it function very well with the PSU CONTROL plugin !!! ...... Super cool !!!

For the safety I have installed TEMPERATURE FAIL SAFE plugin; when the temperature fail, it can execute a command and I want to cut the power to the relay (it power off the printer).

And now the queston, which kind of command I must execute on TEMPERATURE FAILSAFE plugin to do the same action of PSU CONTROL on pin 40 of the gpio?



This is a really important features.... if the mosfet of the HeatBed FAIL and it remain stuck-on, the printer can burn......!!!!!! anda burn the room where the printer is !!!

Please help


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Thank you for PSU plugin that is marvelous.

I'm also very interested in this feature.

Adding a simple temperature probe and the code to analyze the temperature and stop the printer in case of high temperature is a major improvement for safety.

Thank you in advance.