PSU momentarily control function

I have a Qidi X Max and for it to power on it has a momentary switch. From what i can make out the switch is running 50vdc through it and sends a trigger when pressed to toggle the main PSU on/off. I have a relay board and have downloaded the PSU plugin but i noticed when triggering the relay via a GPIO pin the relay latches. Is there a way to setup the plugin where it will behave momentarily (such as signal the relay for 100ms) like the power switch on the printer or will this require code changes to the plugin?

This sounds like a good question for @kantlivelong .

While this feature is not directly built into PSU Control it can be done with a separate python (or whatever language) script that is called by PSU Control. I think there may have been a PR at some point or I was planning on it being native but I really want to get away from RPi.GPIO and use something more generic so that it works with other devices.

TLDR: If you can script it, PSU Control can call it.

Relatively new to Rasberry pi and Python. Have written some scripts in other languages. Willing to learn. Anybody help with some good resources that may help me lead to a solution?

I would search directly for your use case. There are a couple of threads on the forum here regarding GPIO, but here's what seems a good example.

Or you might want to look into gpiozero

Hi @deuce4884,
I'm curious, but the PSU is an ATX or similar PSU? I'm controlling an server PSU directly from printer software (marlin) the PSU provide only a "services" voltage that the printer power on directly the PSU when needed. Now I'm trying to power-off all the power using an modified sonoff wi-fi switch few minute after printing end.