Pulse output to trigger relay or solenoid to turn on Flashforge finder

Is there a way to trigger a relay or solenoid from within Octoprint to press a push button (something like the Switchbot/Fingerbot)? I have a Flashforge Finder that requires pushing a button to turn it on. Power cycling does not turn it on. I have my printer in the basement and would like to be able to turn it on from upstairs. I want to use the camera feature to watch the printing. I also have an Ender 3 that I can use a smartplug to turn it on/off, but this won't work with the Finder. I'm thinking I could wire the relay across the power button, or have the solenoid plunger push the button.

There are a couple options.

Because most are using a Raspberry Pi or something like it.
First is the PSU PlugIn

And then add the SubPlugIn
Momentary GPIO

Just add your relay and you should be good to go.

If you are using Windows or a Linux on a real PC, you can use the combination of the
SIO Reaction (Sub PlugIn)

If you use the right board it will have a relay or just use a basic Arduino with a relay hat.

Thanks.. I'll take a look at those. I have a Rasp 2B but very little experience with it other than loading Octoprint and connecting a camera, and a Kasa Smart plug for the Ender.