Question, stop power supply


Sorry for my limited english.

I just had my creality Ender 3X printer, and I discovered the Octoprint software, really thank you, my printer is in the basement.

However, I have a first question, the Ender3 at the possibility of restarting after a power cut (I have not tested). Is it possible to keep this functionality through Octoprint?

Second question:
I just had a special case.
I suspect my wife of having confused the switch of the lamp with that of the Raspberry (you cannot help me, lol), but:
The printer was in service, and the raspberry was therefore stopped, which caused:
The printer remained frozen, turned on, and especially in heating. So the nozzle melted the PLA around it while my wife told me that the printer was not moving.
In this case, the automatic restart would have been problematic, because the PLA having melted. But is there the possibility that the printer continues without having the management by the Raspberry?

Ha I specify that my wife confirms to me that she touched nothing ...., finally the switch, on the power supply of the raspberry, he yet been stopped ... It is not put it alone, but .... you can't help me ... i'm not spoiled lol.

Unfortunately, OctoPrint cannot resume from power loss. That feature is specific to files stored on SD card, and as you mentioned could still be problematic because of the blob.