Raspberry Pi 3 A+

Any strong views pro or con using Pi 3 A+ dedicated to Octoprint? I assume it will work.

Sorry should have searched before asking. Seems like the answer, for OctoPi anyway, if yes " compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2B, 3A+, 3B, 3B+, 4B, Zero and Zero W".

The question remains, any strong reason not to use it?

I believe the 3A+ as I recall has a single USB connector. So if this is all you need then it's not a bad setup. It includes support for 5Ghz wifi zones. It has half the RAM of a 3B/3B+, though.


Not wishing to do this to death (even though I'm going to) but is that an issue for OctoPrint?

Vanilla OctoPrint probably runs fine with 512 MB. Add more plugins, video streaming, access from different computers at the same time, and/or a local display, and you will likely start to see adverse effects from a lack of memory.

We used to be happy with OctoPrint running on the Raspberry Pi B+, with a single core and only 512 MB. People even ran it on the original Raspberry Pi with 256 MB only. But nowadays we want more responsiveness and more stability.


Compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4 B ???

I just purchased the Raspberry Pi 4 B controller.

Please someone - tell me if OctoPi will work with my new computer.


Hallo @DaveFash!

Did you have a look on the second post of this thread?

The production-grade 3D printer I'm working on is the 4B with 4GB RAM but I needed that for everything I was doing. It would be overkill for 80% of the installs, though. I will say that it is super-responsive in the development cycle. I can rsync files over and cycle the service in under a minute so that's a big plus if you're developing to the platform.

Post #2 was a little cryptic and did not sound conclusive. The second response to my post is telling me that my 4B is an overkill, but will work fine. I am assuming that means there are no work-arounds or glitches to be encountered. Do you agree?

Really appreciate both your responses.


I hope I can ask a dumb question.

I am attaching a jpg of one of the designs that I want to 3D Print.

What do I have to do to load that design onto Octopi - what is the interface from my PC tp Pi 4 B?Design-To-Print

Is that a mandelbrot fractal thingy?

You could try this one

If you want to generate your own stl you have to use something like OpenSCAD
With OpenSCAD you are also able to edit the file from thingiverse

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As suggested, I would go with that customizable one from thingiverse.

Your basic question is: "how do I convert a 2D image into a 3D STL object file?"


There are tutorials for applying a 2D image like yours so that you can generate a 3D printed object which has varying degrees of opacity. Search for "lithophane".


Oh maybe I missunderstood the question.
Yeah if you just want to convert pictures go with @OutsourcedGuru advice :slight_smile:
If you want to create your own fractal designs applications like OpenSCAD should be the right thing for you :slight_smile:

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IMO the most viable version for OctoPi would be the rpi 3B+ Especially if you have a POE switch or POE injector module.
The rpi3(+) has quite enough processor power, even if you want to add some addons/plugins.
I read a LOT of posts about heating problems with the rpi 4. So, unless you can add some heatsinks, I would not go for the rpi4.

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I love the way to control my prints remotely trough webcams connected to the usb ports. So I would not use a single usb board for that. Just my opinion. Hope it helps

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