Raspberry pi 3 model a+

Does Octoprint run on the new PI RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL A+?
Seems like it would be better then a zero.

Use the forum's search feature and enter: pi 3 model a+

Read the thread, it looks like there was success on this.

Thank you for the response. I must admit I didn't use search because I thought the topic would be newer and I'd see it towards the top, also didn't think it'd be in the help section. Sorry all, I'll take a demerit for not searching.

Hello nuroo,

I can positively confirm that Octoprint is running fine on a Pi A+ (it is just printing happily beside me :grinning:).

I had it running on a B+ before, but I considered that a bit of hardware "overkill". I just swapped the SD card and the cables, and it worked out of the box. For me, the A+ is the perfect platform for Octoprint.

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Perfect because I just bought one. Great to know you can just swap SD cards. Would you happen to know if can run multiple pluggins like Octoprint anywhere while also running a timelapse? Guess I'll find out.

Also bought a buck converter. Just need to get some spade terminal connectors for the buck converter to run from printers power supply.

OctoPrint runs fine. OctoPi either needs some manual work or a nightly build.

No, no... I've just spent a year teaching so I'm still in professorial mode, if-you-will.

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Make sure to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade after moving a microSD from one Pi to another of different model type (minimally). This might be enough in many cases.

My gut tells me that anything installed beyond Raspbian which 1) requires a build step or 2) which was installed as a *.deb file could in some cases result in having a file with the wrong architecture. For example, if you pulled the ARMv7 version of Node, installed this on a Raspi3 and then tried to move the microSD to a Zero this wouldn't work since it's ARMv6 in this case.

Not sure what kind of power supply we're talking about for your printer, but my RAMPS board has a 5V output which worked for a while for my Raspberry Pi 3B. With the recent 1.3.9rc1 release of OctoPrint with its undervolt detection, I've since moved that from the printer to a dedicated adapter.

Hmm - I installed OctoPi in the beginning. Obviously, the Raspi B+ and A+ models are very similar in their hardware architecture, so in my case the SD Card-swap went smoothly. I have not tried this between Pi Zero (W) and A+/B+ models.

apt-get update / upgrade is something I do always after a fresh install, kind of a reflex :wink:

The A+ is sooooo very new, I'm sure it wouldn't work with some of the firmware from a year ago, for example.

And sometimes, I'm really talking to the people later who will find this thread and think that it's that easy (just move the card).