Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen doesn't display Octoprint

So, I saw a couple videos about people using a touchscreen (I'm using the 7" one from the Pi Foundation) that gives them access to an Octoprint UI. I tried doing that myself, although it's not going so hot.
When the pi boots up, all the startup code is displayed on the touchscreen as usual, then the bottom line on the screen says Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 octopi tty1 and stops. I'm definitely not an expert on this topic, so is there any fix to this?

Note: The only plugin I have on my Octoprint configuration is TouchUI.

I've already checked wires and updated to the latest OctoPi version. Haven't used the touchscreen in about a year or so. Not sure what version of raspbian I'm using, as I can't change it right now (I think) :frowning:
Any ways to fix this?

It sounds like the Pi foundation display is connected and working. You've not indicated a variety of things which would help us here, for example, log files.

It also sounds like you've never had the touchscreen working yet on this.

TouchUI doesn't work anymore after OctoPrint update
OctoPi + Adafruit 2.8" capacitive TFT + TouchUI review

Yeah, didn’t know what I need to specify, I could give some more info. What else do you need to know?

Read through the Overview section of my second linked post. That's sort of a what-did-I-have-to-do-to-make-this-work. It would be nice to know if you've installed the X windows system on your Raspi, for example. [What Ewald said below.]

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@MakerMathieu: So you have an installed desktop GUI on your Raspberry Pi and started the browser there?

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@OutsourcedGuru: Same time - same idea :joy:

It's like we're both on auto-pilot. ha

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Alright, I've looked through the links and for some more information on the Pixel Desktop. However, the main problem (in hindsight I should've elaborated on the issue originally, although I didn't have a lot of time) is that the pi is still on the boot up screen, where it would usually go to the desktop. However, after all the [ OK ] messages, it gives information about where I can access Octoprint (http url's that don't work when loaded, although I can still access Octoprint from my browser with a different IP), and then says Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot screen...
and then Starting Hold until boot process finishes up...
then the Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 octopi tty1.
It stays on that screen indefinitely.

Also, yes, I haven't been able to install anything like the Pixel desktop or get the UI or even the desktop to start because the pi never leaves the loading screen.
The instructions on your second link (for OutsourcedGuru) have good detail, but I just can't access chromium or terminal with the touchscreen (is that something where the touchscreen only displays code or does it also display the desktop setup like a monitor would?). I don't have the X windows system or the desktop GUI on the pi yet.

I hope this helps, I'm still really new to this so I don't know too much. lol thanks for your help you two

It feels like you might want to start over, to be honest. Installing the Desktop takes forever and if that goes wrong, it's not very forgiving.

Honestly, I've installed like ten microSD cards that began as OctoPi and I simply ran the install-desktop script and it was happy. (I have so many microSD cards that I wrote a database application to keep track of them with tiny labels on each.) None of the error messages you're indicating here are familiar to me and trust me, I thought I'd seen them all.

The approach I'll take when hardware is being stubborn:

  • Just like in a videogame where you're about to enter the scary cave, stop and make a backup. In this case, I'll pull the microSD after the OctoPi + raspi-config + wifi configuration, bring it into ApplePi-Baker and "freeze it" as a .IMG file.
  • Put it back into the Raspi and with local keyboard/monitor/mouse run the install-desktop script. Back it up again.

If I get into trouble then I can always use Etcher to flash the image back at some point in the process and try something different. I'm pretty sure the Raspi out-of-the-box should support their own screen, to be honest.

Actually, I may go over to Fry's today and see if they have one. If so, I'll buy it. (I'm writing a Kivy interface and this little 2.8" TFT is too small.)

Hey! Just to let you know, some of the touchscreen display was shifted (blocked by the glass layer as that got shifted and a black ring around it obscured the bottom line of the boot up menu). Kinda feel stupid... today I was looking down at the screen at an angle and saw the last line was actually “octopi login:”
The question above is irrelevant. But I can’t seem to log in with my octopi username or the “pi raspberry” trick. Any suggestions?

From a remote console using ssh pi@octopi.local, then run sudo raspi-config and tell it to automatically boot in as the pi user under the GUI/Desktop.