Rate how well Octoprint works with the MK4

For those of you who have used Octoprint with a Prusa MK3, and now have an MK4, how would you rate how well it works on the MK4 compared to the MK3?

5 - Way better
4 - Somewhat better
3 - About the same
2 - Not quite as good
1 - Not good at all

3 - About the same.

I starting printing from Octoprint to my new MK4 today and the only thing I miss is seeing the percent complete and time remaining on the printer display like they were on the MK3S.

3 - About the same.

I have no issues, but I also miss being able to see the percentage complete, receive notifications for filament change, and have an estimate of the remaining print time. Prusa has already hinted that the next firmware update will include additional information on the display.

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I use Octoprint with my MK3.5 (which was a MK3S+ just a week ago). I find it works OK, apart from the fact that after powering my printer I need to disconnect and then connect manually before it detects the printer.
Is that something you people experience as well?

I find that after powering down the printer OctoPrint automatically disconnects after some time (I don't know how long). After I power up the printer I have to manually connect.

It actually says it did that:
State: Offline after error
SerialException: device reports readiness to read but returned no data (device disconnected or multiple access on port?)