Re-purposed dual monitor stand


I designed and printed a spool holder yesterday so that I can recycle a dual-monitor stand. It uses the standard VESA mount and accommodates the 6-32 aluminum bolts which I have. I'll need to print a second one for the left holder, of course. About 14 hours with a 75% infill in standard PLA. Being a big part, I assumed it would curl but it tightens up nicely once mounted to the steel frame.




Wow, fancy setup :heart_eyes:

I've got... a styrofoam box and a 6MM thick spool adapter hanging from the ceiling



And that would be the new case for the Ethereum mining rig on the right of the desk, there. I can't believe how nice-yet-cheap they've gotten.



I've never done anything with any kind of cryptocurrencies, and only know that it could be profitable if you know what yer doing


Ya until I saw it was for mining I was thinking "is that a gaming computer dedicated too running octoprint?" either way sweet rig!


Bummer. I ran out of white filament... but the blue looks alright.