Recommedations of SD card types?

I'm just about to buy a couple of SD cards for my shiny new Pi 3B+ and I'm spoiled for choice. Raspberry recommends 8GB class 6 for Noobs but it seems hard to find.

In phones I usually use SanDisk Extreme , kindda price but worth it IMHO.

I use at least class 10 cards.

edit: wrong link - the card I bought is now like 3 times the price.

If I had to buy a card today I would go with this one

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For the Pi 4B I use Class 10, specifically the Patriot LX series. For everything else, I buy the Unirex in bulk straight from them.

An excellent suggestion!

Although generally a fan of Samsung and EVO in particular , purchasers should be aware that the EVO+ and the EVOplus are different beasts.

In my opinion. You should use an Application Class SD Card in the Pi. These cards are made for a lot more writes and will last a lot longer in a Pi. I usually go with Sandisk, but whatever brand you go with, I think you should use Application Class. There are 2 clases. A1 and A2. A2 is going to be faster.

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