Relay-Plugin Buttons are grey

I have installed a few plugins to control from the Octopi (Raspberry Pi 4) my "Rpi Relay Board", but the buttons always remain GREY and do not respond.

In the console the relays react with the commands like
raspi-gpio set 20 op pn dl
raspi-gpio set 20 op pn dh

At "GPIO Control" I don't have to enter a command.

Screenshot of GPIO Control with grey buttons:

What am i doing wrong or what plugins work with this "Rpi Relay Board"?

I need only 3 buttons for my 3 relay, that's all :slight_smile:

Thanks, Andrea

Good to have different installation on SD-Cards....

It seems a problem with opctopi as docker?
Does somebody know how to run this?

Make sure that you know the difference between OctoPi and OctoPrint, so that you can explain your problem effectively.

OctoPi is an OS image that runs on a Raspberry Pi, with OctoPrint installed. You can't install this in a docker container. In a docker container, you have installed OctoPrint only, not the full OS image for a RPi.

To use the GPIO from OctoPrint in a docker container, I believe it would have to be run privileged, as otherwise it would not have access to use that. If you don't have a need to use OctoPrint in a container, then I would recommend not doing so as it will always make things more complicated than just a regular OctoPi install.

Thank you! I was not aware of it!
I would like to use my raspberry Pi for Home Assistant and also Octopi together, so somebody adviced me to work with docker.

You don't need docker to run home assistant and octoprint together. You do need to make sure that you aren't trying to control the same relays from both. That could cause issues with the relays operating correctly.