[Release] C# Application for stream data integration

Hi all,

Just thought i would let everyone know that i am working on a C# Desktop Application that will allow you to connect your octoprint instance and will output information about your print job to text files for integrations into OBS, SLOBS, XSPIT & more, will be looking for alpha testers in the next few days.

Im making this plugin as i couldnt find anything useful and suited to this simple process.

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You might find this information useful.

Ahh yup cheers

Small update, i have the connection handshake all working and here is an image of the data been ingested off the api

just have to finish work on interface and write the output files then she shall be ready to fly, atm the application is only communicating via the global API key but in future release i will be changing to Application Key based auth

Good idea as the global API key will be going away.

Indeed but to get the project rolling and to gain interest in the dev I just set it for global key with intentions of changing it

I am happy to announce that the applications first build has been released.
You can find it over on my Github


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