Reprint same gcode again from the printer LCD

Hi All!

Is it technically possible to add an option to an Ender 3 LCD, so that when a print completes it allows you to select an option to reprint the same file again? This would have to send a signal back to octoprint to reprint the just completed file. What would be involved in making this work?


Anything is possible if you put in the time and effort. However currently no there is no way (that I'm aware of) to kick off an OctoPrint job from the controller LCD. You could replace the LCD with a touchscreen and use OctoDash though.

Marlin has an option for a HOST_START_MENU_ITEM under its action commands configuration, which sends the command to start the currently selected job. As OctoPrint keeps the current file selected when it's done, this can be used to print the same file again.

You can do that with enabled action commands.

Ah! When was that added?

1.5.0 if I'm not mistaken

Huh never noticed. Neat.

Yeah, it was contributed by InsanityAutomation IIRC.