Request Video rotate in mjpg streamer

Have a short question:
I have to rotate the video image of the Raspi CAM 180 degrees -> works well in Octoprint with flipp wonderfully.
But as soon as I'm on a browser on it is not rotated again.

Is it possible to rotate the video outside of Octoprint in the mjpg streamer, so that it is rotated on both sides, then in the Octoprint GUI and in the browser?

Many Thanks!

See here

tldr: not for USB webcams, but for raspicam there's a rot parameter.

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It's also possible to use Themeify to do a CSS rotation to the IMG tag related to the webcam in OctoPrint. (It won't affect timelapse videos, though.)


great, thanks that was the solution

camera_raspi_options="-rot 180"

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For anyone coming here and the solution doesn't work: The plugin TheSpaghettiDetective bypasses the octopi.txt file, so for me disabling the plugin did the trick.

In addition, I also added the line camera="raspi" to the octopi.txt file.

Hope this helps!