REST API to get version of a plugin

Is it currently possible to get the version number of a plugin via a REST call?

I can query whether a plugin is present via http://octopi.local/api/settings/templates, but I'd like to find out (via REST) the version number of a specific plugin. Is this possible? (I searched the API doc but didn't see anything)

I dug through the code and I think this one will work from the plugin manager...


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Thanks @jneilliii, that was perfect! Odd, I read through the docs at but didn't see any mention of this. If this is an unpublished/udocumented API, how stable is it (eg is it likely to change)?

Well, thanks again, that helped a lot!


It's probably not documented because it's part of the plugin manager plugin. If it is documented it would be under that section in the docs. I would think it will be there for a while because it's what the plugin manager uses to pull the official repo and know what's installed. Since it is used for that I believe it's extremely stable.