Resume print at certain layer Plugin?

Is there a plugin for this? My octopi lost power in the middle of a very long print - this is the procedure that worked - but I would love a plugin to make it easy:

  1. Used octoprint terminal to raise the Z position high and out of the way (G0 Z100)
  2. I auto homed the printer
  3. I edited the GCODE file to leave all the preliminary code; then deleted every layer until the layer just before the one it stopped in the middle of.
  4. I inserted a Z lift BEFORE the restart layer to get the head out of the way of the print. My resume layer Z height was 11.96 so I issued a "G0 Z20"
  5. reloaded the modified gcode to octoprint
  6. started the print

Worked like a charm

P.S. if it helps anyone reading this for hints, every now and then something on the buildplate will come off during the first Z lift. I use aerosol spray adhesive from gorilla glue on the bottom of the object and place it carefully back on the build plate EXACTLY on the ghosted remnant on the plate showing where it was. If you cant see clearly and EXACTLY - give up.

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I don't think there's a plugin that does this, basically Ignore-Until-Z, if you will.

I actually wrote GetToDahChoppa to do what you did in step 3 above, for what it's worth. It's one of the reasons why I wrote it.

i'll check it out. Thks