Robo C2 (unheated/small bed), for the win

It's unbelievable but I'm managing to print these masks on my small print bed. I had to lie to both Cura and OctoPrint about the size of my bed. :laugh:

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How do they fit?
I was thinking about printing those ore similar ones for myself.
Some cut-open rubber tube around the edge should make them more comfortable.
A two-piece mask with a TPU part would also be nice.

Well, yeah. I just got back from Ace Hardware. It's supposed to have "M-D Vinyl Gasket Weatherstrip..." but they no longer carry that. I bought instead their UPC 043374025767 7/32"/5.5mm version. Hopefully that might work, too.

And of course everyone is out of 1/2" elastic strap so I bought 3/4" instead. I also bought UPC 03207691642 flexible strap which may also work out.

It kind of fits. They suggest in the instructions that you can put the bottom part in hot water and then form it to your face. I'll see if that actually works or not.

All this is from btw.

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