Root features needed- Brain dump

octoprint should show in the config panel the following:

  1. drive/disk usage (total/free/used) (mage space if using small sd card)
  2. folder allocation %of whole disk and MB Used (to help free drive space/purgelogs or time-lapse
  3. cpu usage % total and octoprint app % ( on request.. in case of issues) could be pi support tab
  4. settings area should collapse categories on left column. ( for short displays or narrow ones)
  5. settings area for plugins should have separate save button for each plugin. ( tabbing off to press save for all at once solution doesn't work and results in a cycle of opening config button scroll endlessly and save repeatedly and repeat for each plugin
  6. feedback button for plugins .that can send email or link to GitHub profile to send message about plugins or rate them
  7. edit option for location of plugin source ( in case there is a different branch of plugin you want to use)
  8. when access control enabled options for READ ONLY view mode for account. not just admin or active to see and look only 'watch contracted prints' but no touch or cancel.. and also a 'special perms' mode that you can designate buttons or tabs that they can look at or use (this one will be a bigger job)
  9. option to enable or disable octoprints ability to change code on the fly for all things including plugins.. ( plugins should request permission for each type of access that they can change.. like heater or temperatures and gcodes weather it can edit them or insert or delete them... this way malicious plugins cannot do things without a simple awareness. much like phones having access to read emails etc..
    (another big mod)
  10. basic theme modification guy tool to change the base css . all sections as defined so one can remove sidebars and use full width of screen like themify plugin but for root style .. so you can chose a dark theme or light theme or some simple basic color schemes .. (without having to know css and html at the root filesystem for linux noobs)
  11. filters for plugin list to filter out incompatible plugins based on firmware type ( marlin/repeteir or other)

that's the current top 10 nuisances I have
when I print for people I like to let them see the live stream of prints and possibly get email notices when prints complete or fail.. but mostly so they know that their 100 hour print is still going...

additionally I am seeking a plugin that profiles printers with specific fixed test gcodes and prints with user feedback to define settings for the printers capability .. ie print a bed level object at different z heights for each circle to chose best one.. save the setting.. test printers speeds of movement max for x y and z before is skips steps.. ie move head from x0 to x100 at 100 mm a sec.. if no skips do it faster.. till it does then record it as max.. then use basic PLA and extrude in the air at varied speeds until it skips steps to find max and min. etc. so those values can be used to create profile of printer..
and then a similar thing for temperature towers overhangs and bridges for each material .. keeping a log of prints and those things so you can fully tune your machine..

I will make an attempt at starting this but its been a long long time since I coded anything this advanced and would need a basic teaching discord voice chat to get me started and back in the grove.. for the octoprint interface/ api..

thanks for listening..
I don't expect results but it has to be said that more details need logging .. and less interference when printing... octoprint and plugins can really mess up prints and or take away some tedium.. for a long time I had a bed levelling problem and found the visual bed levelling tool actually changed things.. when combined with another plugin that was unrelated .. and had basically a non functioning printer until I ran octoprint in safe mode..

(also octolapse wants to change gcodes. and doesn't seem to import from code files the settings used as required when most slicers put the comments in start of gcodes with the info needed by default.. )

I'd be interested in knowing what was the conflicting plugin to mine (Bed Level Visualizer) that caused your printer to become problematic?

I t happened only when moving the print head with the GUI and when ubl expert plug-in was on (if I remember right) it’s on another sd card I can check it.

Even the default profiles and gcodes in octoprint run in addition to your GCode file. Or firmware. It’s annoying as I would like to save settings in octo but not apply them to anything unless it’s building a slicer profile or something. Like filament manager has offsets to the spoils of filament. If you touch those it can mess up prints. Or worse the dB corrupts and changes 5deg to 500 and creates melts or overtemp situations from a simple typo

Anyhow I’m just ranting.

Cause I want to have a print log that links stuff like settings in a list including the resulting time lapse or video feeds. And accurate filament usage on print cancels for the cost ones.

Sigh. I’m tired. My runout sensor in marlin stopped for some reason. Lol