RPI RemoteGPIO with ThinClient

I have a kind of not normal setup.
Until now I used a RPI4CM as a "all in one" solution, as the only CM available had eMMC it was awfully slow, when uploading g-code. As I use Proxmox anyway, I could obtain a thin client, where now there is a VM running, the CM with its enclosure, with the 7" RPI touchscreen is mounted to the enclosure of the printer and uses Octodash.

My Goal now is to recreate the "same expierience" as before. where I had the LED strip and a Tempsensor, as well as a Ventilator. This was realised with the Enclosure plugin.
Does anyone have a clue, how to realise that?

Thanks for any Tipps!

I never used CM butI have realized IO extensions with an ESP8266 with MQTT over wifi and MQTT. Broker is a mosquito instance on the Pi.

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I do something similar to @linuxpaul . Using Wifi remote switches+MQTT. I also have something custom that uses Serial to control local (usb connected) IO, also using an esp8266 as the IO manager.

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