RPi4 worth it vs RPi3b+

So I am looking to set up Octoprint for the first time. What is the best version of RPi to start with. I know 4 is out with more ram and all but is there a true benifit to getting the 4gb version vs the 1gb version for the sake of a 3d printer?

I just dont want to be wasting money on something that is way overkill and will not be utilized.

Thank you all for the input!

I've been running on a B+ for 8 months without any problems at all. Pi is dedicated to the printer and only runs Octoprint. Memory usage is quite light and current load average is 0.17 while printing.

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You would be wasting money on something that is way overkill and wouldn't be utilized with a Pi4.

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Obviously foosel knows best in this matter, but I'd also like to add that Pi4 might offer some benefit if you intend to slice files with the Pi because of the extra computing power. Keep in mind that Octoprint no longer has an imbedded slicer, though, so you'll be going off-road a bit to get it set up. I'd go with a Pi 3B if I were doing it all again.

I need the Pi4B with lots of RAM given the Kivy-heavy project I'm working on. OctoPrint by itself runs quite well on the 3B even while streaming the webcam.