RTSP IP Cam Live Stream Working!

just wanted to share a recent success of mine. I've been running octoprint for over a year with a cheap RTSP IP camera and I could only ever get a screenshot to work on the live stream portion of octoprint.

after stumbling across this thread on reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/octoprint/comments/eoz25z/octoprint_and_wyze_cam/
user Eroji has made a solution that works perfectly for me with my noname RTSP IP camera!!

I have had zero issues with this now, live stream is now working on the octoprint page which is very nice. I could access a screenshot previously, or the live stream via VLC or otherwise. now it just works.... and I didn't need to run software on any external device to do it. all on the Pi

Just an FYI, when you have video transcoding running on the pi (that's what that solution does) you potentially risk printing issues/stuttering if the pi's CPU becomes overloaded. Just something to look out for if you start to see bad prints.

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thanks, yes this was something I was aware of. for anyone who reads this and wants to try.... I'd say it's crucial to test your setup using SSL and 'top' command. I found ffmpeg was around 75-85% cpu at first (no good).
this is with 640x480 ip camera, with 15fps set in ffmpeg
after poking around and testing I realized that my IP camera was still outputting 30fps! setting the IP camera to match 15fps brought cpu to 50%. lowering the FPS to 10 in all areas now has ffmpeg cpu around 35-40%, which I think should not be an issue, or have any effect on printing.

Thank you for pointing this out though! super important