Run Octoprint on my fileserver?

Hi there,
I'm new to Octoprint. I installed it yesterday on an old notebook on Ubuntu Server 32Bit and it looked good so far.
Logically the next step would be to get a Raspi and fit it into my printers base plate, but I was wondering if I can/should use my server which is located rather near to the printer and is on 24/7 anyway.

My server runs Ubuntu and I use it mainly as fileserver. i3 and 4GB RAM should be powerful enough.

Any thoughts? I would consider opening Octoprint to the outside (portforwarding on the firewall) so I'm especially interested in the security record of Octoprint. I assume security was/is not on the top of the development goals of this great piece of software.

I don't mind the extra cost of a Raspi, or the additional power consumption, but using the server sounds like a sleek solution.


Yeah, there are people that do this, especially when running multiple instances on the same device. There are guides here for install steps...

OctoPrint makes no claim to be secure, access control is provided for helpful reasons only.

Do not port forward without an extra piece of software securing it first, and make sure you know that software is secure. (and to be honest, nothing is 100% secure. So still no recommendation)

There are several solutions, including Spaghetti Detective/OctoPrint Anywhere, NGROK, Discord/Telegram/Slack plugins for remote monitoring.

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I run it on Linux mint PC which is basically Ubuntu. It runs along side home assistant and it works perfectly. It runs much faster than on a Pi but the might be the SSD.

that might be a problem. I've seen where linux mint doesn't play well with OctoPrint.

Really? I’ve been using it for over a year now. haven’t really had any issues except for a couple with the python 3 script which was due to bugs that were quickly fixed.

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just vaguely remember someone on discord having issues with getting it to work because of permissions or something.

Nah. Nothing like that. I just followed the guy who made a video on YouTube for installing on Ubuntu. Just copied and pasted the commands without changes and it worked right away.