Running python script in bed clearing gcode section on continuous print plugin

basically my buddy has written a python script for me, that i want to use to make a servo with an arm clear the parts off of the print bed when it reaches a certain temp.....
print bed reaches 25 degrees, then the print bed goes all the way to the front........
then somehow in the gcode it calls in the python script, which runs the script and moves the servo with the arm and clears all the prints off of the bed, then the arm swings back to the home position and the servo turns off then the python script ends and the printer homes again ready for the next print....

my issue is i'm not good with gcode or python (my buddy wrote the python script for me) and i have no idea the commands needed to start the python script once the print bed reaches a certain temp.

can anyone help me, id really appreciate it :slight_smile:
i want this python script to be ran in the bed clearing gcode spot of the continuous print plugin

Posting an issue twice does not mean you get help faster.

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