Safe mode. What do I look for in logs please

Everything seemed to running ok only been using a few days.

Have had safe mode Crop up a few times when installing plugging so went back and removed /reinstalled the most recent pluggin,

Loaded a gcode that octoprint didnt like much so removed that.

Can gcode cause safe mode issue?
Can running to many plugins?

The most recent plugin is bltouch well I dont want to remove that one now.:grimacing:

Id like to know what I'm looking for in logs if anyone can point me in the right direction to learn,

Many thanks

octoprint (2).log (2.8 MB)

sorry if ive upload the log wrong? pls let me know if i have i will change if needed

The answer to both of these questions is no. Look through the log for the word Traceback. That is where you will see there was an error encountered. Looking through your log it appears to be the astroprint plugin producing the most errors but there were also undervoltage warnings (need a better power supply) and potential usb connection errors which sometimes is caused by a bad usb cable.

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I would guess that Astroprint behaves badly when you lose your wifi connectivity.

Thanks very much guys will bin Astro print and check power supply. :muscle:

Working much better thanks again!