Samba watched folder

Because I have this issue here Octoprint re-login needed very often

I was wondering if I could share the folder with the uploaded files.
Most of the time I use my laptop to upload files. I start prints with my tablet.

So for the uploading part I don't need the UI and if I could simple save the file to a shared folder it might be a better solution as before (before I ahd to relogin nearly everytime, of course this issue should also be solved, but that's another topic).

So I was wondering why there isn't already a samba plugin. Is there a certain reason for that. I prefer keeping everything in the UI and with that backing up everything (including the plugins).
So if I would install samba without a plugin I would have to back up samba up manually.

@foosel suggested this video.
But I wonder if there is already a more "embedded" solution for this.
If not you @foosel wrote somewhere that the upload folder should only be maintained by octoprint itself. This looks like you wouldn't recommend using a shared folder at all.

Would like to hear your opinion on that and if you yourself use octoprint & samba.

Of course everyone else is also invited to post his/hers opinion.


I originally installed a Samba upgrade on my printer because I was actively using a Windows-based laptop for slicing. I no longer do that, for what it's worth.

You could also create something which pushes the file into the REST API of OctoPrint. Here, here and here.

You could use scp to push a file from your workstation straight into the watched folder, say, from a script. Or sftp would also work in theory.

If you're familiar with git workflow, then you could use my OctoPrint-GitFiles plugin.


And I don't. In fact, people rummaging around in the uploads folder outside of OctoPrint's control is a frequent source of issues for me against which I have to harden the code and thus another source of gray hairs on my head :wink:

The watched folder is what's supposed to be used for pushing stuff to OctoPrint via the file system. Feel free to Samba-share that, but don't try to share the same watched folder by multiple OctoPrint instances please, it's not built for that.

Ouch. That's a lot of code hardening foosel.

@foosel ok thanks. I'm not in a hurry with the samba share thing, so I will wait until someone implements a samba share plugin. I guess I would be able to install samba on octopi, but as I said I like it to have everything managed by the UI.