Sand Art printer


Does anyone know if a plugin that would allow me to sequence gcode files for playback with a sand art printer? So basically they would be able to "play" back to back, and set wait times between events?


I'm afraid I don't know of any. If you think about the typical plastic-printing behavior, most of us wouldn't want the next job to start printing unless we've done some manual intervention to remove the last part.

Some of us have talked about the possibilities, though.


LinuxCNC flavour of G-code allows G-code to call subroutines. And
subroutines can have numerical names, and can be in separate files.

So if you have G-code in files called 101,ngc, 102,ngc and so on, and if
those all contain O101 SUB / O101 ENDSUB round the G-code, then

#1 = 1
O100 DO
O[100 + #1] CALL
G4 P10
O100 WHILE [#1 LT 20]

Would call all the routines in sequence with a 10 second pause.


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^ I think you're missing the part where #1 is incremented.

 #1 = [#1+1]

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I know printers we dont want to start back to back prints, but to prepare a printer for a print, and have it delay the start of a print until a later time would be very useful. Also having a basic scheduler would be amazing. I would be willing to pay for such a feature if someone wants to develop the plugin. Estimate the cost and I can send you money if it seems like a good deal.



Send @jneilliii a PM and see if he'd be up for a gig.